4 Golden Rules of Gutter Installation

Getting your rain gutters installed or replaced professionally is a smart way or keeping damage to your roofs at bay. It is also a smart way of ensuring that your gutters will last for long. Unfortunately, many homeowners often ignore subtle yet profound gutter installation rules that can make a huge difference in terms of saving money on gutters and living in a leak free home with a debris free gutter. The tips were provided by Rain Gutters Los Angeles, so keep in mind that they are mostly used for California. Here are the rules.

Match your gutters with the roof

How else will your house achieve an impressive aesthetic appeal if your gutters don’t match the roof? Simply match your gutters to whatever color is behind them. Then while at it, note that some gutter materials wont and cant blend well with some roof materials. Decra roofs for instance, can only blend well with vinyl gutters. Copper gutters on the other hand can stand out against any trim, while aluminum goes well with galvanized iron sheet or grey tiles.

Make a plan

Draw a sketch map of your home and where you want the gutters to be placed. Then calculate what length each section should be and the parts you will need. While calculating, take into account hangers, corners, attachment pints, screws and caps. It is a good idea to get extra sections just in case you need to replace a section at a later date or you damage something during the installation process.

Consider water flow

This should be done during planning. Think carefully with the help of your contractor, about where you want the water to go. Identify an ideal place – it could be a ditch, a drain or even a rain water storage system so that you can use the rain water later for irrigation purposes. In a nutshell, the whole point of gutters is to divert rain water away from where it could cause damage to an ideal place where it can either be beneficial or simply not cause any harm.

Install downspouts first


Sounds hectic but the downspouts should come first, then hangers for gutter lengths and finally the lengths themselves. While installing the hangers, ensure that you have at least one hanger on every meter along the length of the gutter for proper support.  Once they are up, work along the wall and install the entire gutter system as you go, starting at the highest point moving towards the outlets all the way to the drainpipe.

Think of your gutter system as an annual cost

Talk to four or five gutter replacement and installation contractors for about estimates. Then calculate how much it will cost you every year to repair, replace or maintain your gutters. While at it, do not assume that the lowest estimate is best for you. A new gutter system, and a durable one for that matter, is a significant investment in your home.  To find out how much your gutter needs will cost you, divide the total cost of your new gutter system labor and materials included by the life expectancy of your preferred gutter system in years.

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